Elearning Trends 2017

Machines are now deep learning, everything’s going mobile, Internet contents are exploding. So where is eLearning heading to and more specifically what will it look like in 2017?

I came across this good summary Top 10 eLearning Trends To Watch In 2017. Most of the trends are not really new, they’ve been happening for years; Still it’s good to have a list for reference. What I find interesting is all the trends are pointing to the trend that learning or content consuming in general will be more and more ubiquitous, volatile, and mobile, enabled by the mobile and social technology–Google and Youtube style.

So what should an eLearning designer do? I think it’s becoming more than ever important that your contents are relevant and to the point and your presentation clear and visually appealing. On top of that, shorter, if possible-as Ed Gruwez pointed out, it’s much harder to make your presentations shorter than making them longer. It’s easier to pile in the texts and graphics than selecting the most essential messages, putting them in places in the clearest layout, and presenting them in just the right order. So trends change, good design principles don’t.


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