Millinery 101


Photographic characters are certainly useful in elearning courses; however, if you just insert them next to your text and content (think a smiling character pointing to the bullet points), they often don’t add much to the course. So I set off to explore using the photographic characters in Adobe Captivate, and the above slide is what I ended up with. With the character selected, I added the hat (free graphic from freepik), then the shadow backdrop. The thought bubble was downloaded from Articulate community. I tried solid and gradient backgrounds, but decided the bokeh background I created the other day worked better (I changed the color from green to grey). The title font is Bauhaus 93.

I like how the character fits and helps the slide. I must admit though it’s the red hat on her head that does it–it becomes the focal point drawing the eyes into the slide; without that it would pretty much another smiling character inserted onto slide.

So the moral: Find some accessories for your characters!

To prove the point I made this other slide, Coffee 101:

coffee 102.PNG

The pose was changed and of course the hat was switched to coffee (from freepix here). To add some brown to the background I used a wood image downloaded from Creative Tail, Gaussian blurred in Photoshop and the alpha turned to 50% to blend with the bokeh background.

I suppose I could go on and on making 101 start slides. It is still a challenge though to use these characters throughout your course to help the contents.




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